J. Warren Jacobs 1910 Age 42

"The Outfit" J. Warren Jacobs Dog and Bike

Angels pen and ink

WW Train Station and Waynesburg Mill

Henry Jacobs (Warren's Father) and Warren's oldest child, Marie

On Right, Marie Jacobs Cole

Warren's Mother Eleanoe Kent Jacobs

Warren's Mother Eleanoe Kent Jacobs

J Warren and Emma Dulany Jacobs on their wedding day

Mary Emma Dulany, wife of J Warren Jacobs, age 16 Graduation

Family Photo C. 1934

WW Train

Summer House in "Pop's Garden" Right - Martha Louise Jacobs Martin

Martha Louise Jacobs Martin at summer house

Pop's Garden with Tenmile Creek - looking East

J W Jacobs in garden

Pop's garden - bog garden

Pop's garden - Canoe Pier

Emma and Warren Jacobs shelling peas on back porch c. 1946

Emma and Warren Jacobs

First and Washington st view Child - Bryan Henry Fonner c. 1957


Ann Margeret Fonner Blystone

home place First and Washington St.

Back of house Marten House - Aero Club


Side yard of W Jacobs house, facing East. Blaksmith Shop in back

Child - son of Minor P. and Marie Jacobs Cole.


Grover C. Hughes building. Corner of Washington and First streets. Accross from J W Jacobs home. Child is son of Minor P. and Marie Jacobs Cole.

Home Place Facing First and Washington streets, blacksmith shop to the left in back.

Blacksmith shop Jacobs Birdhouse CO.

Farimont Creamery - woman by E. Bryan Jacobs - woman to left is Louise Widdup Jacobs, Bryans wife.

Jacobs Creamory market owner E. Brian Jacobs - sign by JW Jacobs blacksmith shop.

Reese's Mill "Aeroclub" in front yard. W&W coming from Waynesburg station platform.

W&W tracks, looking east toward J. Warren Jacobs home. Right- Station


Family Photo - Martin House is the Library

Looking out attic Window of J W Jacobs home. W&W railroad yard and station. DuVsllis Hill in background

library birdhouse

library birdhouse

Parthanon Birdhouse

Wren / cabin Pen and ink

Gleanings No3

Jacobs ad in 1922 National Geographic

Cover of American Birdhouse Journal

Gleanings No. 4

Jacobs Birdhouse Company Catalogue 1909