• With spring coming, we’re looking forward to the arrival of “Bly’s birds”. When we first bought our house here almost 40 years ago, we noticed the many roomed birdhouses across the street. Becoming close friends with Jack Cummins who maintained the houses, we were delighted to learn about those nearly black, insect chasers—purple martins, and Jack’s diligence to keep them housed and happy. We were so lucky to have shared our woodshop with Jack and to have been able to help build new houses. However, with Jack moving away, a couple of years of stormy springs, and a basic change in the neighborhood, those birds disappeared. The houses fell into a state of disrepair, and we’d lost our swooping, sailing, insect catching friends.
    What a relief when we saw the very picturesque new houses go up and Bly begin to encourage the return of the martins. I’d seen Bly working on his birdhouses at lunchtime when he worked in the warehouse for Central Greene School District. His meticulous attention to detail in constructing his houses to his plans (I later learned those plans were almost a century old.) was impressive to watch. Little did I know how good those houses would look years afterward as they were raised on their poles across the street from our home. With his almost daily observation, care, and concern for the martins, they have begun to build a new colony in our neighborhood. Last summer we watched as several new families grew. With the blessings of the land owner, First Federal Savings and Loan, Bly has supplied the martins with their picturesque new homes, has improved the appearance of our community, and has encouraged a positive bit of ecological renewal to “Dotysburg”, and we surely thank him for it. We really appreciate seeing martins back our neighborhood, and First Federal and George Blystone have brought them home. Thanks Bly!
Submitted by Jerry Hardy on 12/27/2005


  • When Bly approached us about doing a website for Jacobs Birdhouses we were very excited. This was a project we felt close to. We, like Jacobs Birdhouse, pride ourselves on quality.

Submitted by Jason Simmons - VP GreenePA Inc 11/25/05.